Driving Lessons Durham

They say if you buy cheap, you buy twice

But sometimes cheaper is better

RSA School of Motoring has launched three incentive programs, designed to help students easily achieve their driving test goals. The goal is for students to pass a driving test, and the new program pushes students towards that path. There's really no need to go to another driving school, seeing how RSA School of Motoring is cheaper and more established.

Part one of the new incentive structure involves the very necessary and helpful driving test routes, which are now offered for free when students book 5 or more lessons. For students who want to learn to drive and pass the test, test routes are an essential part the winning formula for success. The inclusion of the test routes in the 5-lesson package represents a significant change over previous pricing plans offered by the renowned driving school based out of Dublin. In the past, students chose from an a la cart menu of services, with test routes a popular option but not necessarily part of the basic package. But now it's different - the test routes are absolutely free, assuming the student books 5 or more lessons.

Though plenty of students passed without the test routes, RSA School of Motoring saw that students who took the test routes had a higher success percentage than those that did not. People buying driving lessons are often on a budget, so by charging money for the test routes, many students would pass on the opportunity. Not so any longer with the introduction of the incentive. The owners of the driving school want all of their students to pass the test - since they saw the test routes as so valuable, it only made sense to offer them for free.


While it's still a business, RSA School of Motoring is focused on producing proficient drivers, not just getting as many students in and out of the door as possible. Driving on the motorway can be nerve wracking, so any student that passes the driving test is eligible for a free lesson on it. RSA School of Motoring is focused on creating proficient drivers, not mediocre drivers who barely passed the test. These free lessons show that the school actually stands by what it says. Students come back for the motorway lesson at no cost, the school knows it's done its job and stood behind its philosophy, and the roads become safer with more knowledgeable drivers.

Last but certainly not least, the third incentive is 12 EDT lessons for just under €300. Continuing with the discounts, this ridiculously cheap package can help students get a comprehensive understanding of driving without breaking the bank. Experience shows that the more driving school lessons a driver has had, the safer, better driver he or she becomes, and that's for life. What students learn at RSA School of Motoring are essential skills for driving which will stick with them for life. Every single one of these new programs offered by the school is aimed to get the driver as much experience as possible before being by themselves on the roads.

The new pricing incentives are in line with the school's mission to graduate fully prepared drivers for the open road so they can pass the driving test with with both skill and safety in mind at all times. Your money goes a long way through affordable and top notch driving services. It's easy to open up a driving school; it's not easy to match the value that RSA School of Motoring offers. Not only are their prices better, but the RSA School of Motoring beats the competition in general knowledge and reliability every single time.

Join the thousands of students who have already graduated from RSA School of Motoring and passed the EDT. They're not just another driving school - they're friendly and affordable with first-class instructors and packages to suit everyone.